What Is Freezing My Computer?

Freezing your computer occurs when it stops operating properly and certain components (usually the CPU) shut down. Sometimes a blue screen appears, along with an error message.

What Is a Satellite Computer?

A satellite computer is a machine that helps process information. It sits in one place, gathering data, setting goals for itself, and then figuring out how best to accomplish them. Satellite computers are used primarily by other machines.

What Is a Virtual Hard Drive?

A Virtual Hard Drive is a file that simulates a physical hard drive. It allows you to install software from within an emulator, this also includes games.

What Is Microsoft Entourage?

Microsoft Entourage is a client-side email and personal information management (PIM) program that comes bundled with Microsoft Office for Mac. It is essentially Microsoft Outlook on Windows, but without all the bells and whistles.

What Is an AMD SATA Controller?

The AMD SATA controller is a series of chips that make up the Serial ATA (SATA) or Parallel ATA (PATA) controllers on your motherboard. These chips are also found on some video cards as well.

What Is a PCU In a Computer?

A PCU, or Power Conversion Unit, is a component typically found in electronic devices that converts DC to AC. This allows the device to use DC power sources such as batteries and solar panels without damaging components or decreasing performance.

What Is a Smart Wi-Fi Router?

Do you ever wonder how many wireless connections your router can handle simultaneously? If so, then it may be time for a newer model of router. "Smart" routers are available and feature some cool capabilities that your old router doesn't have.

What Is The Microsoft Model?

The Microsoft model is a term used to describe the relationship between healthcare providers and health insurance companies. Rather than paying each other for services, they pay royalties to each other for access to patents.

What Kind of Wi-Fi Do I Have?

It's not always easy to tell what kind of Wi-Fi you have. There are three main types: Wireless G (also called 802.11g), N, and AC (or 802.11ac). As the numbers get higher, so does the speed at which your data can travel on your Wi-Fi network. You don't need to know what kind of Wi-Fi you have to connect your device, but it's important if you're looking to purchase devices that can't talk to each other.

What Is Computer Technology?

There are four major fields of science involved in computer technology. Computer technology is an interdisciplinary field, drawing on each of these sciences and their subfields to create the products that make our lives more efficient, productive, comfortable, safe, entertaining, mobile, communicative, interactive, and fulfilling.