Vpro stands for "vPro" or virtual platform technology. Vpro is a processor feature that uses Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) to manage, maintain, update and protect computers of all sizes. For example, AMT can be used remotely to power cycle a PC when it's hung up so the user doesn't have to manually restart it.


"Vpro generally refers to the VT-x extensions for IA32 processors," said Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. "This adds hardware support for isolation of virtual machines in hardware, instead of software only -- this allows admins to manage virtual machine images remotely."


Intel Vpro is an Intel trademark that covers a set of vendor-specific management and security technologies.


This integrated business-class PC platform offers a stunning array of hardware features. These include remote control support, Wi-Fi 6, long battery life, and more. But the platform is more than the sum of its parts. It is designed to deliver business benefits in four important areas of computing: performance, security, manageability, and stability.


The Intel vPro suite encompasses several technologies that work together to enable IT departments to centrally manage, protect and repair computers more efficiently. The technology can be integrated into new PCs or added as an upgrade after purchase. Here's a closer look at the four main components of the Intel vPro platform:




Intel AMT enables remote access to a PC for support purposes. It works even if the computer is turned off or doesn't have a disk drive installed. This makes it possible for technicians to remotely troubleshoot problems with laptops on store shelves, for example. In addition, many new PCs include biometric fingerprint readers that let users access their computers via authentication methods such as fingerprints or facial recognition, though this is not an Intel technology.


Intel's vPro technology also includes Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT), which helps prevent certain types of malware attacks and protects data in the cloud. Like security software, TXT can help protect users' computers from unauthorized access. It works with Microsoft BitLocker to encrypt information in a PC's hard drive and memory in addition to using Secure Boot and authentication protocols such as passwords and biometrics. To see what PCs are currently equipped with these features click here for more information on how Pro can work for you.




Proactive Platform Alerts are another component of Intel vPro that helps keep PCs up-to-date by alerting IT professionals when there are software problems that need addressing. The technology installs updates, deletes viruses and malware, and keeps PCs running smoothly by optimizing system performance without compromising on security. Please note that this is a separate component to the new Intel AMT release 10 which will be announced at a later date.




The fourth piece of Intel vPro is manageability, which lets IT professionals remotely configure settings for the PC as well as accessing information from remote machines. In addition to enabling some of these features, many PCs also come with enterprise-class software such as Microsoft Office Professional preinstalled as part of their Pro package.


Which businesses should consider Intel's vPro platform?


Any business of any size can benefit from selecting devices based on the Intel vPro® platform. From small businesses to corporations with a managed IT environment, all organizations will receive an enhanced feature set that delivers benefits from day one without the need for additional configuration.


What you get without activation: business-class performance, energy efficiency, fast data analysis, simplified connectivity, and extended battery life. You also get hardware-based security features with technologies to protect against cyber threats and platform stability.


Leverage the full feature set after activation: Your IT department or managed service provider can maximize the potential of the Intel vPro® platform by activating and configuring devices. This will give you access to remote management capabilities, including optional channel management, through Intel® Active Management Technology.