What Is Texture Streaming?

Tired of game frame rates that are limited to the refresh rate (60 FPS or 30 FPS)? Well, there's a way around it. Texture Streaming is used by all modern-day consoles and allows games to exceed the refresh rate of your monitor.

What Is Pseudo Streaming?

Pseudo-streaming is when an online merchant (e.g. Amazon, iTunes, Netflix) will allow consumers to download digital media files but will not provide the metadata required to identify and process the transaction using standard electronic commerce systems.

Nvidia What Does Ti Mean?

GPUs with "Ti" versions are occasionally launched after the non-Ti variants. They're generally a tactic for AMD to stay competitive against new products it releases.

What Is EATX Motherboard?

EATX Motherboard is a motherboard that measures 12" x 13", the same size as an ATX motherboard.

What Is Hard Drive Cache?

A hard drive cache is an area of computer memory that stores frequently or recently used information. The data in this section of memory is readily available to the processor when needed, which can make certain processes run more quickly than they would if they had to access data from the hard disk (or SSD ) every time.

What Is Microsoft Agent?

Microsoft Agent is a technology that enables users to interact with an application or operating system by speaking or typing commands. Microsoft Agent can also deliver information and instructions through facial expressions, movements, gestures, and graphics.

What Is Microsoft Blend?

Microsoft Blend for Visual Studio is a free add-in to Microsoft Expression Blend and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. It allows developers to design and create applications using both Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight technologies in an integrated, end-to-end environment.

What Is Nvidia Surround?

Nvidia Surround is an industry-leading multi-monitor technology that allows you to enable three 1920x1080 monitors for each video card. Nvidia hardware will split the information over three displays while using only one monitor. If your game supports triple monitors (Borderlands 2 does), then this can be a major boon for gamers, allowing more screen real estate than ever.

What Is ISA in Computers?

ISA is computer architecture. It stands for Intel (R) Smart (A) Architecture and it refers to a set of advanced features in x86 microprocessors, like virtualization and multi-threading technology.

What Is a Host Computer?

A host computer is a device that manages wireless data transfer between itself and other computers or devices. It's the central hub of any home network, responsible for sending and receiving messages to all connected PCs, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, printers, smart TVs, and anything else with a wireless receiver.