What Is RPM In Computer?

RPM signifies the revolutions per minute which is the number of times a rotation completes in an hour. It is used to measure the velocity or speed of rotating devices like motors, fans, etc. RPM values are generally presented for three different units based on time i.e., high, low, and average.

What Is Microsoft WI-Fi?

Windows 10 includes a new feature known as Microsoft Wi-Fi. The name is novel, to say the least. For several years, the function has gone by the name Skype Wi-Fi.

What Is AT&T Smart Wi-Fi?

AT&T Smart Wi-Fi is an easy way to save money on your wireless Internet service. It's built right into your DIRECTV or U-verse Wireless Gateway.

What Is SAS Hard Drive?

There are many kinds of storage media in the world, but what makes SAS hard drive that much different from other forms of storage? We all know that information is getting bigger and better, so storage space is also becoming larger.

What Is AMD OverDrive?

AMD OverDrive is a free, easy-to-use overclocking utility for AMD's accelerated processing units (APUs) and CPUs. It boosts performance by allowing you to raise your APU or CPU's frequency and vCore voltage, adjust fan speeds, and set PowerTune options.

What Is a W-Fi Dongle?

A W-Fi dongle is a device that allows you to wirelessly connect your PC or laptop to the Internet. It works just like a USB wifi card would except there is no need for an internal slot.

What Is Wi-Fi Sharing?

Wi-Fi Sharing is a new feature on Windows 8.1 and RT 8.1 devices, such as Surface 2 & 3, that lets you share your Internet connection with other devices over Wi-Fi.

What Is Microsoft?

Microsoft Corporation, leading developer of personal-computer software systems and applications. 

What Is a Wi-Fi Card?

Wireless devices are everywhere—in our phones, routers, computers, and tablets. A number of these devices also can share their internet connection with other wireless devices without using any network cables.

What Is Pocket Wi-Fi?

Pocket Wi-Fi is a pocket-sized router that connects to the internet through LTE or 3G. You can connect up to 10 smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices at once (broadband speed). It's like having your portable hotspot!