What Is Nvidia NGX?

NVIDIA NGX is a new deep learning-powered technology stack that includes AI-based functions that speed up and improve graphics, photo imaging, and video processing in applications directly.

What Is Cable Wi-Fi?

Cable Wi-Fi is an innovative way of providing Wi-Fi access to homes. Cable companies are the only ones who can provide the high-speed internet connection needed for fast, robust public/home Wi-Fi using their existing equipment (cable wiring).

What Is Smart Wi-Fi?

Smart Wi-Fi is an innovative technology that allows you to use your smartphone, tablet, or computer as a remote control for your home network. It's wireless home networking made simple.

What Is Intel Vpro?

Vpro stands for "vPro" or virtual platform technology. Vpro is a processor feature that uses Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) to manage, maintain, update and protect computers of all sizes.

What Is DSR Nvidia?

DSR Nvidia is a new Nvidia DSR custom resolution utility that includes some additional features not available in the official Nvidia version.

What Is AMD SMBus?

The Sys Management Bus (SMBus) is a serial interface for managing devices such as voltage and temperature sensors, fan controllers, and power regulators. It's also the protocol used by the low-speed PCI Express bus in AMD K10 and later processors.

What Is WMM Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) is a Wi-Fi Alliance interoperability specification that defines an access category of service delivery for multimedia applications and voice over IP (VoIP) applications. WMM prioritizes wireless traffic based on four access categories: voice, video, best effort (data), and background (best effort + low latency).

What Is AMD-V?

AMD-V is a technology developed by AMD for its processors' virtualization. The term also describes the hardware of the processor, which has to support this technology.

What Is Passpoint Wi-Fi?

Passpoint aligns with a WPA2 Enterprise network, or a Passpoint-enabled hotspot, and automatically authenticates the user using a SIM card from their wireless provider.

What Does Java Do For My Computer?

Let's say that you want to know where a file went. You have a folder full of files, and one of them has gone missing.