What Is Freezing My Computer?

Freezing your computer occurs when it stops operating properly and certain components (usually the CPU) shut down. Sometimes a blue screen appears, along with an error message.

What Is a Satellite Computer?

A satellite computer is a machine that helps process information. It sits in one place, gathering data, setting goals for itself, and then figuring out how best to accomplish them. Satellite computers are used primarily by other machines.

What Is a Smart Wi-Fi Router?

Do you ever wonder how many wireless connections your router can handle simultaneously? If so, then it may be time for a newer model of router. "Smart" routers are available and feature some cool capabilities that your old router doesn't have.

What Kind of Wi-Fi Do I Have?

It's not always easy to tell what kind of Wi-Fi you have. There are three main types: Wireless G (also called 802.11g), N, and AC (or 802.11ac). As the numbers get higher, so does the speed at which your data can travel on your Wi-Fi network. You don't need to know what kind of Wi-Fi you have to connect your device, but it's important if you're looking to purchase devices that can't talk to each other.

What FPS Does PS4 Run At?

The number of images that are shown in a single second, known as frames per second (not to be confused with First Person Shooter), is how many pictures are displayed in rapid succession. Our monitors can create the impression of movement by flicking through a lot of images at once and bringing the virtual world of a video game to life.

What Is Virtual Wi-Fi?

Virtual Wi-Fi allows end-users to create multiple wireless networks visible on the host (virtual) network, but these are connected via software, not hardware.

What to Do With an Old Hard Drive?

Those old hard drives you have stuffed away might not be as useless as you think. Here are some ideas for recycling or reusing them.

What Jobs Can You Get With a Computer Engineering Degree?

Computer engineering is a term used to describe the specialization in engineering that deals with the combination of computers and electronics.

What Uses The Most Data On Wi-Fi?

In the USA, most internet data allowances are measured in Gigabytes. To put that number into perspective a typical high-quality movie file is around 1 GB.

What Is a Good Internet Speed For Streaming on Twitch?

Normally you would want the best internet speed possible. After all, StarCraft 2 and other games require a certain minimum amount of bandwidth to function well. The problem is that sometimes a high internet speed doesn't guarantee a smooth experience.

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