What Is Microsoft PowerPoint Used For?

PowerPoint presentations are used in all kinds of business and education settings to communicate information and ideas effectively. People who work as speakers, trainers, educators, salespeople, and marketing professionals may also use PowerPoint as a tool for better presenting their lessons or products.

How to Tell What Intel HD Graphics I Have?

There are 2 main Intel HD Graphics chipsets currently: Intel HD Graphics 4000 (3rd generation, also known as Ivy Bridge)  – codename: HD Graphics P4000 / ULTRABOOK P4000 Intel HD Graphics 2500 (2nd generation, also known as Sandy Bridge)  – codename: HD Graphics P3000 / ULTRABOOK P2000

What Graphics Card Is Compatible With My Motherboard?

We're often asked which card is compatible with a given motherboard. A lot of the time, the answer is "It depends."

What The Type Of Memory Does My Computer Have?

RAM is a type of computer memory that helps your computer run more quickly and smoothly. If you've ever wondered what type of memory does my computer has, this article can help.

Computer Noises And What They Mean?

If you're new to computing, there can be a lot of noises that your computer will make. It's important to know what the computer is telling you with these noises and if one noise is more significant than another.

What Is AMD Vision Engine Control Center?

What Is AMD Vision Engine Control Center?

What Might Be The Cause of a Black Screen Right After You Install a New Video Card?

So naturally when you turn your computer on you would think everything is working fine, except for the fact that the screen stays black. What might be the cause of it?

What Motherboard Slot Has Direct Access to The North Bridge?

If your motherboard has a PCI Express slot next to the CPU socket, you are likely using one of Intel's motherboards with LGA 1156 sockets.

What Would Be a Reason for Using a Workstation Rather Than a Personal Computer?

You don't want to waste money on something you won't use, but would it cost more to invest in a workstation than it would if you spent less? Check out the suggestions below to see if workstations are the right investment for your business.

During The Infection Stage: What Actions Does a Computer Virus Typically Perform?

A computer virus, like a flu virus, is designed to spread from host to host and can duplicate itself. In the same manner that flu viruses are unable to reproduce without a host cell, computer viruses are also unable to replicate and spread unless they are coded in some way, such as by a file or document.