What to Do with Old Computer Monitors?

Every city has a recycling center where one can drop off discarded computers, out-of-date software, and other electronic devices for proper disposal. At the recycling center you can find – a mountain of old computer monitors, TVs, and CPUs.

What Is System Z on My Computer?

Description: System Z is an advertisement program that inserts advertisements into your Internet browser windows.

What Causes a Hard Drive to Fail?

Hard drive failure can result from a variety of causes, but the most common is simply age. As hard drives pass from one year to the next, their internals slowly degrades until they finally stop working entirely.  Floods and fires can cause tremendous damage to a home or office—damage that can easily extend to connected devices like computers and servers, potentially causing thousands of dollars in damages.

What Nvidia Driver Do I Have?

There are several methods for determining the NVIDIA display driver version that is installed on your PC. The simplest approach is to look at the System Information page in the NVIDIA Control Panel.

What Kind of Data Can Be Lost When a Computer Is Turned Off?

All data can be lost when a computer is turned off. The key to remember though is that there are two types of data you should be concerned about. First, there's the data you have saved on your hard drive in files and folders.

What is Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)?

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is a field of computer science that concerns the design, evaluation, and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use and with humans in mind.

What Is Microsoft SQL?

Microsoft SQL Server is a program used to store data in a series of databases. In some cases, it can be termed as an alternative to MySQL or PostgreSQL. Some software programs use the Microsoft SQL Server as the storage for its information, including Microsoft Access and Excel.

What Is Intel Management Engine Components?

After installing Windows 10, many users are presented with the option to install the latest Intel Managed Engine Components, driver. What is it and is it truly necessary for a computer?

What Is a Video Capture Card?

A video capture card is a type of external peripheral for a computer that allows you to record or stream videos from various devices onto your computer. You would use a video capture card if you wanted to do things like play console games on PC, record console gameplay footage, and so on.

What Is Streaming Data?

Streaming data is a new buzzword in the big data world. It is not exactly an old concept, but it has been recently introduced due to certain technological developments and enhancements.