What Is a Computer Terminal?

When a user employs a computer terminal, their input is received by the terminal and processed by a computer. The most important part of the command's route is from keyboard to electronics.

What Is Hard Drive?

Hard drives are used to store, save and retrieve various types of files including media files like images, audios, videos, etc. These storage devices can be internal or external for both customary purposes as well as specialized needs like data servers that require large information storage.

What Is a Notepad Computer?

A notepad computer is a computer that uses a special type of display designed to be as light and thin as a piece of paper. In appearance, it looks very much like a folded-up piece of paper with a screen on one side and an attached QWERTY keyboard under the screen. It runs on Windows or Linux.

What Is Abocom On My PC?

Abacom On My PC is a type of potentially unwanted program (PUP), which can infect all types of browsers and Windows OS. It injects code into any browser you open and causes redirects, pop-up ads, and advertisements on the web pages that you visit.

What Is Texture Streaming?

Tired of game frame rates that are limited to the refresh rate (60 FPS or 30 FPS)? Well, there's a way around it. Texture Streaming is used by all modern-day consoles and allows games to exceed the refresh rate of your monitor.

What Is Pseudo Streaming?

Pseudo-streaming is when an online merchant (e.g. Amazon, iTunes, Netflix) will allow consumers to download digital media files but will not provide the metadata required to identify and process the transaction using standard electronic commerce systems.

What FPS Does PS4 Run At?

The number of images that are shown in a single second, known as frames per second (not to be confused with First Person Shooter), is how many pictures are displayed in rapid succession. Our monitors can create the impression of movement by flicking through a lot of images at once and bringing the virtual world of a video game to life.

Nvidia What Does Ti Mean?

GPUs with "Ti" versions are occasionally launched after the non-Ti variants. They're generally a tactic for AMD to stay competitive against new products it releases.

What Is EATX Motherboard?

EATX Motherboard is a motherboard that measures 12" x 13", the same size as an ATX motherboard.

What Is Hard Drive Cache?

A hard drive cache is an area of computer memory that stores frequently or recently used information. The data in this section of memory is readily available to the processor when needed, which can make certain processes run more quickly than they would if they had to access data from the hard disk (or SSD ) every time.