What Is a W-Fi Dongle?

A W-Fi dongle is a device that allows you to wirelessly connect your PC or laptop to the Internet. It works just like a USB wifi card would except there is no need for an internal slot.

What Is Virtual Wi-Fi?

Virtual Wi-Fi allows end-users to create multiple wireless networks visible on the host (virtual) network, but these are connected via software, not hardware.

What Is Wi-Fi Sharing?

Wi-Fi Sharing is a new feature on Windows 8.1 and RT 8.1 devices, such as Surface 2 & 3, that lets you share your Internet connection with other devices over Wi-Fi.

What Is Microsoft?

Microsoft Corporation, leading developer of personal-computer software systems and applications. 

What Is a Wi-Fi Card?

Wireless devices are everywhere—in our phones, routers, computers, and tablets. A number of these devices also can share their internet connection with other wireless devices without using any network cables.

What Is Pocket Wi-Fi?

Pocket Wi-Fi is a pocket-sized router that connects to the internet through LTE or 3G. You can connect up to 10 smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices at once (broadband speed). It's like having your portable hotspot!

What Is Nvidia NGX?

NVIDIA NGX is a new deep learning-powered technology stack that includes AI-based functions that speed up and improve graphics, photo imaging, and video processing in applications directly.

What Is Cable Wi-Fi?

Cable Wi-Fi is an innovative way of providing Wi-Fi access to homes. Cable companies are the only ones who can provide the high-speed internet connection needed for fast, robust public/home Wi-Fi using their existing equipment (cable wiring).

What Is Smart Wi-Fi?

Smart Wi-Fi is an innovative technology that allows you to use your smartphone, tablet, or computer as a remote control for your home network. It's wireless home networking made simple.

What Is Intel Vpro?

Vpro stands for "vPro" or virtual platform technology. Vpro is a processor feature that uses Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) to manage, maintain, update and protect computers of all sizes.