What Is DSR Nvidia?

DSR Nvidia is a new Nvidia DSR custom resolution utility that includes some additional features not available in the official Nvidia version.

What Is AMD SMBus?

The Sys Management Bus (SMBus) is a serial interface for managing devices such as voltage and temperature sensors, fan controllers, and power regulators. It's also the protocol used by the low-speed PCI Express bus in AMD K10 and later processors.

What Is WMM Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) is a Wi-Fi Alliance interoperability specification that defines an access category of service delivery for multimedia applications and voice over IP (VoIP) applications. WMM prioritizes wireless traffic based on four access categories: voice, video, best effort (data), and background (best effort + low latency).

What Is AMD-V?

AMD-V is a technology developed by AMD for its processors' virtualization. The term also describes the hardware of the processor, which has to support this technology.

What Is Passpoint Wi-Fi?

Passpoint aligns with a WPA2 Enterprise network, or a Passpoint-enabled hotspot, and automatically authenticates the user using a SIM card from their wireless provider.

What to Do With an Old Hard Drive?

Those old hard drives you have stuffed away might not be as useless as you think. Here are some ideas for recycling or reusing them.

What Jobs Can You Get With a Computer Engineering Degree?

Computer engineering is a term used to describe the specialization in engineering that deals with the combination of computers and electronics.

What Does Java Do For My Computer?

Let's say that you want to know where a file went. You have a folder full of files, and one of them has gone missing.

What Is Computer Ethics?

Computer ethics is a sub-field of practical ethics that studies the moral behavior of humans as it applies to computers. Computer ethics has many sub-categories, each with its own set of questions and concerns.

What Is Intel Core M?

To create a more efficient system with longer battery life, Intel has removed the majority of hardware from some of their chips this time around.