What Was The First Computer Virus?

The first computer virus, written in 1971 by anti-virus pioneer Dr. Fred Cohen, was a benign program intended to prove his nascent theories on the nature of computer viruses.

What Is a WI-Fi Gateway?

A WI-Fi gateway is a device that converts IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) into DC power for supplying power to devices such as access points, VoIP phones, and wireless security cameras.

What Uses The Most Data On Wi-Fi?

In the USA, most internet data allowances are measured in Gigabytes. To put that number into perspective a typical high-quality movie file is around 1 GB.

What Does The Motherboard Do?

The first thing to understand is what the motherboard does. The answer may seem simple, but it's quite complicated. A motherboard acts as the central hub for almost everything that powers your computer.

What Is Decibel Milliwatts (dBm) Wi-Fi?

Decibel milliwatts is a wireless power measurement that takes the transmitter's power and divides it by one million. This number is then subtracted from the receiver chip or device receiving the signal transmitted by a router or access point.

What Is a Good Internet Speed For Streaming on Twitch?

Normally you would want the best internet speed possible. After all, StarCraft 2 and other games require a certain minimum amount of bandwidth to function well. The problem is that sometimes a high internet speed doesn't guarantee a smooth experience.

What Is Microsoft PowerPoint Used For?

PowerPoint presentations are used in all kinds of business and education settings to communicate information and ideas effectively. People who work as speakers, trainers, educators, salespeople, and marketing professionals may also use PowerPoint as a tool for better presenting their lessons or products.

What Is True Key On My Computer?

True Key is a software program developed by Intel Security. The most common release is 5.0.8, with over 98% of all installations currently using this version.

What Is a SATA Hard Drive?

SATA (Serial ATA) hard drives are some of the most common and popular types of hard drives on the market today.

How to Tell What Intel HD Graphics I Have?

There are 2 main Intel HD Graphics chipsets currently: Intel HD Graphics 4000 (3rd generation, also known as Ivy Bridge)  – codename: HD Graphics P4000 / ULTRABOOK P4000 Intel HD Graphics 2500 (2nd generation, also known as Sandy Bridge)  – codename: HD Graphics P3000 / ULTRABOOK P2000