Computer Noises And What They Mean?

If you're new to computing, there can be a lot of noises that your computer will make. It's important to know what the computer is telling you with these noises and if one noise is more significant than another.

What CPU Can My Motherboard Support?

One of the most common questions asked by those new to PC building is "what CPU will my motherboard support?"

What Are Computer Chips Made Of?

First, the silicon is grown. This starts with a seed crystal of silicon and grows into a large cylinder of single correct silicon:

What Is AMD Vision Engine Control Center?

What Is AMD Vision Engine Control Center?

What Is Intel Common User Interface?

IntelĀ® Common User Interface (IntelĀ® CUI) is a platform-neutral API used to build the interactive user interface controls for both native C/C++ development on Windows*, macOS, and Linux*, and HTML5 web technologies.

What Is Microsoft Shadowplay?

f you Google 'shadow play' nothing related to Gaming shows up...until now. On the new Windows 10 app, there is a section called Game DVR where all your past recordings will be stored for later viewing. It stores a max of 30 seconds of your recording and has a 720p resolution.

What Is Wi-Fi 2?

Wi-Fi 2 is a Wireless Internet service of the future. It was developed by an Aussie who has spent the last two years designing and building it.

What Might Be The Cause of a Black Screen Right After You Install a New Video Card?

So naturally when you turn your computer on you would think everything is working fine, except for the fact that the screen stays black. What might be the cause of it?

What Is Built-In Wi-Fi?

Built-In Wi-Fi is a technology that allows communication between devices using wireless connections. The latest smartphones are designed with multiple wireless connections to enable Internet connectivity, send data to Bluetooth compatible speakers, set up the connection to your PC for file sharing, and more.

What Motherboard Slot Has Direct Access to The North Bridge?

If your motherboard has a PCI Express slot next to the CPU socket, you are likely using one of Intel's motherboards with LGA 1156 sockets.