The Google Display Network allows you to show your ads to a very targeted group of people. It is the second-largest search engine in the world (behind only Google itself), and it can help you access millions of potential customers who are browsing websites, watching videos, reading blogs, and using apps every day. Those people may not be searching for you specifically, but they are already interested in your product or service because they're researching topics relevant to what you offer and/or how they might use it. The GDN allows you to gain exposure among these individuals without coming across as pushy or "spammy," because that's not how the websites on which your ads appear to operate.


In general, humans are generally engaged more quickly by a striking image than they are by text. The Display Network allows you to use attractive images to capture the eye of a potential customer. Visual ads are simply more engaging than text-based ads. Google’s Display Network offers numerous options, including graphics, video, and audio to set your ads apart. You can also incorporate your company’s color scheme and logo into your display advertising, making the Display Network a fantastic tool for branding and brand awareness.


One of the biggest advantages of Google’s Display Network is the variety of targeting options. When you utilize the Search Network, your target audience has to be actively searching for your products or services. However, the Display Network functions quite differently. You can target specific audiences based on their past behavior and interests, specific websites or website topics, specific demographics based on age and gender, and more. Google also allows you to build custom audiences if the preset options don’t meet your needs. Start experimenting by creating different ad groups with various targets and figure out what works best for you.