The Bitraider Streaming Client consists of a service and client component. The service is installed as a Windows Service and the client is an executable which, when run, starts the service for its use. There can be multiple clients launched at one time (depending on how many games are being played), but only one instance of the client should be running per user.

How does it work?

When you launch your game using the Launcher or using a Launcher-configured shortcut, the Launcher contacts the BitRaider web servers allowing it to check whether we have new package information that needs to be downloaded before launching your game. If we do have new package information, in addition to downloading it, our software also determines if any installation steps need to be taken before launching your game (or that an update has occurred). If any additional install or update steps need to be taken, our software will display its user interface (UI) allowing you to see your progress and step through the installation process. That is how it makes sure you don't have to wait for the download, only to find out there is something else you need to do first.