Normally you would want the best internet speed possible. After all, StarCraft 2 and other games require a certain minimum amount of bandwidth to function well. The problem is that sometimes a high internet speed doesn't guarantee a smooth experience. Many factors influence your streaming experience: processing power, server location, the distance between you and the servers, etc…


First of all, let's clear up some misconceptions. The speed at which information is transferred does not affect your ability to play games or to stream them on Twitch. An internet connection with a 1Mbps upload will do just fine. On the other hand, it's common knowledge that more bandwidth is better. However, there are two kinds of bandwidth: download and upload. A good streaming experience requires mostly download speeds since it can be affected by heavy traffic on the route between you and the servers hosting the game you are playing, no matter how little upload speed you might have (in fact many providers often give you far less upload than they advertise).

Why is Twitch so popular?


Twitch is a video streaming platform, which was originally set up to broadcast and watch streams of people playing games. In other words, it's a place where you can go to look at someone else play a game while you wait for your turn.

The site's popularity all comes down to one thing: convenience. Twitch makes it easy for gamers who wish to share their gameplay with the world simply by allowing others to view them at any time they choose. There are no barriers or cumbersome steps involved in setting things up either. Even if you have never streamed before, there should be no problem getting started provided that you own a console or a decent gaming PC. The gamer-viewing public seems to love Twitch because it allows them to discover new people with similar interests as them and enjoy their adventures from the comfort of their own homes.

So is Twitch all about watching other people play games?

No, not at all! There are plenty of broadcasters who don't stream themselves playing a game. Some of these streamers instead create a video diary, share entertaining moments from their day-to-day life or give tips and tricks to those interested in making videos of their own. While the most popular broadcasts on Twitch still tend to be those where people are playing a game live, they have become just one small part of the site's overall appeal. So how do you become a successful broadcaster on Twitch?

Minimum recommended internet speed for Twitch streaming

Here's a list of the minimum internet download speed you'll need depending on your streaming quality:

Good quality (960x540): 1.5Mbps to 2.5Mbps upload speed per stream High quality (1280x720): 2.5Mbps to 3.5Mbps upload speed per stream Highest Quality (1920×1080 + 60fps): 3.25Mbps to 4.25Mbps or more upload speed per stream

Of course, it may be possible for someone with a good connection and a powerful rig to get by with less, but this is what you should aim for if you want the best possible experience for yourself and your viewers at all times during your broadcast. Keep in mind that these are minimum requirements though, and if you want to stream any other games, you should use the same calculation and find out what your minimum internet speed for streaming would be.

Twitch's bandwidth requirements might seem high at first glance, but that is only because they offer such a good service! Besides, if you don't have enough upload speed then all the time and money you invest in your gaming PC will go to waste since nobody will be able to watch it anyway. Just make sure your connection can handle your desired quality and multiply it by 1.5 or 2 (depending on whether you plan on streaming in high or highest quality), and you'll know exactly how much speed Twitch requires from you before letting you broadcast.

Optimal internet speed for Twitch streaming


Streaming is a very data-intensive process, so you will require a connection that can comfortably go beyond the minimum requirements. To get the best possible experience for yourself and your viewers then, we recommend an internet speed of 3Mbps or more if possible. If you have less than that available then it may be worth having someone in the house (or building) who does since this will provide them with a fast and reliable internet connection that can be shared with multiple devices at once.

Why fiber-optic internet for Twitch streaming

Uploading gameplay videos is very bandwidth-intensive, and if your ISP (internet service provider) doesn't offer you fast enough download speeds to make it worth your while, then this means that sharing videos of any kind simply won't work out. As we said above, fiber optic internet can provide you with upload speeds that no cable connection can touch and which allow for a much better Twitch experience than what you'd get on DSL or cable.

If you're tired of having a bad connection then maybe it's time that you considered switching to fiber-optic internet. It doesn't just offer much faster download speeds, but it also comes with upload speeds that make sharing anything online – be it gameplay footage or family photos – fast and easy. Fiber-optic cable/internet is the future and will help make sure your Twitch experience is as enjoyable and well-rounded as possible!

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As you can see, there is not a specific internet download speed for streaming on Twitch, since the service has different requirements from everyone who wants to broadcast their gameplay. The main thing you have to focus on here is getting yourself a fast enough upload speed that will allow you to stream in HD or even 60fps, and then doubling that number to get your required minimum internet download speed for Twitch! Once these two numbers match up, you're all set and ready to go live with a rock-solid connection that gives your viewers a great experience while watching your videos.

So, you're interested in starting your Twitch channel but don't know what kind of upload speed you'll need. How much bandwidth is required to broadcast on Twitch? Let's take a look at how Twitch video streaming works and find out!