Do you ever wonder how many wireless connections your router can handle simultaneously? If so, then it may be time for a newer model of router. "Smart" routers are available and feature some cool capabilities that your old router doesn't have. For example, the latest Wi-Fi routers offer more range than older models and allow you to print wirelessly from any computer in your home.

The smart router uses a dual-band networking system so it can handle more connections and stream high-bandwidth activities such as streaming HD videos. These routers also feature state-of-the-art security so you don't have to worry about hackers slowing down your network or stealing your private information.

These new smart Wi-Fi routers come equipped with parental controls that give parents peace of mind when their kids go online. Many also include USB ports for external hard drives, which can be shared by all users connected to the router. Let's take a look at some other features that may pique your interest in buying a new wireless router: Smart Wi-Fi Routers: Pros and Cons Pros: Wireless N offers increased speed and range compared to previous generations. The router can detect the fastest wireless connection and switch seamlessly between wireless bands, which allows you to use some of today's fastest speeds on your devices.

This new technology is compatible with older wireless protocols so you don't have to worry about being "left behind" just because you have an older laptop or another device that does not support N. Cons: Some smart Wi-Fi routers require a separate modem for them to work, which means another monthly fee from your ISP.

Network Security

Routers are a significant security vulnerability in your home network. They're considerably better than connecting your computer directly to an internet-connected modem, but they've always been a simple target for hackers. That's where the "smart" part of the smart Wi-Fi router comes in. Newer routers offer two distinct types of wireless connectivity: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The former is great for everyday web browsing and low-bandwidth downloads, but it can't handle multiple high-bandwidth activities at once without slowing down your network significantly. That's why a dual-band router is a much better choice in this day and age.

No matter which type you buy, you should be looking for something that offers WPA2 encryption, which is currently the most secure WiFi Protected Access version available for home use. You'll also want to browse through trusted sources such as Wirecutter or CNET to get informed about what makes one router more secure than another.

Advanced Networking

Many smart routers give you the ability to create a guest network or separate your devices by SSID, which is a huge plus for parents who have kids who love to stream videos and play games online. For example, if you have three laptops in your home, you can set up a different network for each one. This allows you to restrict access for younger kids while allowing your older children the same freedoms that they enjoyed with their laptops when they were young.

A router's parental controls are important if you have children who are online frequently, especially if some of them are still in elementary school. If you want to limit the amount of time they spend on the internet, you need a router with parental controls that allow you to limit the time and/or block certain types of websites.

Easily Manage Users and Devices

Routers are still operating on ancient technology. Most routers are stuck in the dark ages of technology. Managing users is impossible for anyone who isn't technically skilled, and changing the router's complicated settings would require a Ph.D. in programming. Thankfully, router manufacturers are catching on to the needs of today's tech-savvy family.

Almost all smart Wi-Fi routers offer easy guest access, which is a lifesaver if you have people constantly visiting your home and you'd rather not hand out your password. This also allows you to give friends and family temporary network access without having to share your password or upgrade to a more complicated security protocol.

In addition, routers offer centralized device management, which allows you to monitor and set time limits for specific devices on the network. This is great for parents who want to make sure their kids aren't spending too much time online shopping instead of doing homework! In this day and age, that kind of parental control is the bare minimum requirement for any wireless router.

Better Coverage

Frequent and annoying is signal "dead zones" around the house. Why may you instantly contact your friend on the other side of the world with a video call, but your network won't allow you to watch the latest episode of your favorite show without buffering?

Gone are the days when router brands would boast about their "beasts" and "towers" that could reach every corner of your house. With wireless technology advancing at a rapid rate, you can get great coverage with a modern dual-band router without a problem. And while a traditional router setup isn't expensive, it's significantly cheaper to invest in a cutting-edge smart Wi-Fi router. The only requirement is that you have an existing modem from Verizon FiOS or another ISP provider.

The best part is that all routers come with features like guest network access and parental controls built into them. Whether you're setting up your home Wi-Fi or remotely managing it through an internet browser, you can easily enjoy the benefits of a smart router!


The days of heavy and difficult technology are long gone. The current design focus is on home décor gadgets. Smart home products aren't only useful; they're also beautiful to look at.

When you're picking out a router, think about how it'll fit into your home's design scheme. Many routers are designed with original craftsmanship that makes them impressive to guests while still being modern and functional.

A smart router is an investment in the future of your home while also giving you the chance to play around with various features and settings to personalize your network. You can easily switch up these settings without disrupting your other devices!

No matter what kind of family you have, if they're online frequently (and isn't everyone nowadays? Then investing in a smart Wi-Fi router is worth every penny.


If you're looking for a router that can handle your family's browsing habits and that also has all the bells and whistles of contemporary technology, then smart Wi-Fi routers are perfect for you.
Whether you want to cut down on how much time young children spend online or give out guest network access without giving away your password, switching to a smart router is a no-brainer. They're everywhere these days, and you can find your beloved model with ease!