Aupeo is an application that automatically updates music files on your computer. Aupeo stands for Automated-Playback of Internet Radio. It aims to give you easy access to all the internet radio stations, this way enabling you to choose from a vast number of available radio broadcasts. Through its intuitive interface, it allows you to enjoy the optimal sound quality. It delivers search results in real-time which is why the station list is always up to date.
The playing of music files can be done without having to leave your current work, yet it also provides you with many different configuration options that will please every listener's needs. Aupeo offers various possibilities for enhancing your listening experience: create your channel list, set alarms, record songs, and much more

How Can I Get Aupeo?

Aupeo can be obtained on a 14-day trial basis free of charge from the developer website at You won't need any installation process or additional tools. All you need to do is download the ZIP archive and extract it. Afterward, double-click the Aupeo.TCZ file and start using Aupeo right away.
If you decide to purchase a license for the full version of Aupeo, you will receive a registration key in your email that can be entered into the program's main window. In case any questions arise when using this application, you should consult its built-in help system or look for an answer in Aupeo's comprehensive online documentation.

Can I Remove Aupeo?

Aupeo can be removed by deleting its directory. Note that this will not affect the license key which you entered into the program. If you want to remove Aupeo from your computer, simply delete the application's directory using Windows Explorer or any other file manager tool.
Aupeo is preconfigured to start loading at Windows startup due to the existence of an Autorun.inf file in its installation directory. If you want Aupeo not to load on Windows startup, just remove this AutoRun configuration file by renaming it or deleting it using Explorer.
To sum up, Aupeo doesn't have any undesired hidden features that are installed along with its main components. There aren't too many ways of utilizing this application which is why no additional software will be introduced into your computer when you get this program from its developer's website.

What Do Other People Think About Aupeo?

Users generally think of Aupeo as a very convenient way for enjoying music files on their computers. Many users have praised it due to being able to playback lots of different types of songs with quality sound and without downloading them first. According to most users, another positive aspect was being able to easily create custom playlists that suited their individual needs. Furthermore, liked how easy it is to record songs and build favorite lists.
Aupeo has been criticized for its lack of a proper "Support" menu which would include frequently asked questions and changelogs. According to other users, an easier way for registering the product should be provided as well as better installation instructions due to some users having problems with installing it correctly. Furthermore, they criticize the program's user interface for being too complicated and not very attractive.