Intel® Common User Interface (Intel® CUI) is a platform-neutral API used to build the interactive user interface controls for both native C/C++ development on Windows*, macOS, and Linux*, and HTML5 web technologies. Developers can use it to manage the event notification and input mechanisms between the operating system and their application's UI components.


How to Use The Intel CUI?


The Intel CUI provides the following three main components:


An event dispatcher loop, which enables applications to receive input events from an operating system so that the controls can be updated. A set of UI controls for common tasks such as text input, embedding images in the application via the clipboard, and basic menus. It also features other widgets including spinners, color pickers, progress bars, sliders, and date pickers. An abstraction layer that hides differences between native OS controls and makes it easier for developers to create cross-platform applications across Windows*, macOS*, or Linux*. With this feature, you can use your favorite programming language (C/C++, Python*, VB.NET*, or JavaScript*) to create interactive UI controls based on the Intel CUI API.