After installing Windows 10, many users are presented with the option to install the latest Intel Managed Engine Components, driver. What is it and is it truly necessary for a computer? The solution to this question requires the study of a large body of material. Technical documents, for example. Thanks to this, we can get an idea about what is meant by Intel Management Engine Components. This article will examine the components of the engine, released earlier, and also managed options for new technologies.

A short description of managing engines

The original form of Intel Management Engine (Intel ME) was developed at Intel in 2003. The current version combines several functions into one - embedded controller (or BIOS), Platform Controller Hub (PCH), power management system (for energy-saving modes), and more. Using these features allows maintaining hardware devices remotely without user intervention; therefore, it's mostly installed on corporate laptops. For example, let's say that there is a fault with your hard drive or motherboard controller - with this technology you can easily repair such problems without any additional equipment.
The purpose of the ME is to provide an interface between hardware and software that allows you to connect external devices or systems (for example, mobile phones and tablets) using Bluetooth technology Intel AMT (Active Management Technology). This makes it possible to initialize, update and change BIOS settings on a computer remotely; as well as diagnose faults with hardware components before sending maintenance specialists on-site. Management engines also support 802.1x network access control and logging of security violations employing TPM chips.
It was only in 2017 that this intrigue finally came to a halt. And, just last year, an attacker discovered a severe vulnerability in Intel Management Engine Components. What sort of flaw is it? We could describe it as if someone used a special code to enable this component to have unrestricted access to the processor They were able to remotely control the CPU as a result.

What are Intel ME Components?

Intel Management Engine Components. What are they? In a nutshell, it's a little microchip that's put in the processor and controls its functioning. The drivers are required to ensure that this component performs properly. This chip was previously integrated into motherboards. However, because most computers have transitioned to a single-chip system, the chip has now been integrated right into the processor.
The components make it possible to watch and control what is happening on a computer using mobile devices (when using Intel AMT technology). According to Intel, only the company has access to the source code of ME Components. This means that not even manufacturers of motherboards can analyze these drivers.

What is Intel ME responsible for?

The Intel Management Engine Components (Intel ME) control all hardware and software processes on a computer. According to the manufacturer, the chip cannot be practically hacked because it uses cryptography with a 128-bit key length. This seems to be true; mainly thanks to this technology users can easily find out which components are installed in their notebooks and what devices / operating systems are currently running.
Other functions were added to the Intel ME framework after its introduction. For example, with this technology, system administrators may remotely control the computer, which is particularly useful. Intel(R) AT Technology ("anti-theft" module) is also based on Intel(R) Management Engine Components. It's safer to install the necessary drivers and then leave a computer unattended somewhere. In this case, the security risk is reduced to a minimum as well as the possibility of data leakage.

Is it possible to disable Intel ME?

How do I turn this capability off? It is important to note that the function is not required by a typical user. It's worth noting right away that turning it off entirely is not possible. Some hackers have discovered a technique for preventing certain components from being disabled, but it won't help.