If you Google 'shadow play' nothing related to Gaming shows up...until now. On the new Windows 10 app, there is a section called Game DVR where all your past recordings will be stored for later viewing. It stores a max of 30 seconds of your recording and has a 720p resolution. The problem with this program is it records everything on your screen, not just gameplay...so any time you open the start menu it will record that, even when in an obscure area or area where it shouldn't be recording anything but windows. 

Is Microsoft Shadowplay Recording Your Web History?

This is one major problem with Microsoft's Game DVR, it records everything on your screen so if you have the start menu open at all times while playing Overwatch Google will think that is part of your gameplay. This means that if you are searching for something completely unrelated to gaming it might be recording that too. 

So what is going on here? Well for starters the Game DVR is recording anything on your screen, so if you're browsing Reddit with Microsoft Edge open at the same time Google thinks it's part of your gameplay. Even when going to a completely unrelated site like YouTube or Facebook or doing a google image search, all these searches will be recorded and Google will associate them with each other!

How to Start Recording using Microsoft Shadowplay:

Open up your active window and press alt+z or open the start menu and search "game bar" then open the game bar settings by clicking on that. You can set it to launch when you boot up Overwatch for easy recording, Once it's launched click the red circle in the bottom left corner of your screen to start recording! Make sure you don't have any web browsers or any other programs running in the background. To stop recording simply hit ALT+F4 or close out of Game Bar altogether. Also make sure you are not logged into Battle.net either because if you are, all your searches will be saved as gameplay!

To save what is being recorded just type "screenshot" into chat, right-click on the game bar in the bottom left corner, and click "save all captures as..."

This will bring up the directory you need to save it too! To do this just right-click on your desktop, select new then click the shortcut. When prompted type in "Battle.net Launcher" (Without quotations) then paste that into the location field. That's pretty much it for recording Overwatch if you follow these steps! If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to leave them below!

Microsoft Shadowplay Features:

Records the last 20 minutes of your gameplay. Records in 720p at 30 FPS Uses NVENC Encoder Can record in-game or desktop audio Tracks buffering issues automatically "Shadowplay Highlights" records the last few seconds of any key moments that happen during a game! Screen Recording! One thing to note is that if you are recording with the Windows 10 Game DVR and Shadowplay at the same time, you may run into buffering issues and low FPS that can result in choppy video or audio recording.

  • Excellent graphics are available in the EVGA Precision XOC suite that also includes GameStream, ShadowPlay, Real-time ray tracing, and other features. GeForce Experience is required for this to work. When the game ends, you may click on a button in NVIDIA's software to save the last few minutes of gameplay as a video file called "NvidiaClip." This application is also connected with GeForce Experience and allows you to record the final minutes of a game.


  • At times, gamers fail to manually switch on the recorder, which means they miss out on excellent game moves. This disadvantage is overcome by Microsoft shadow, which records a few minutes of previously played footage automatically.


  • There's a replay function included in it, so you can only watch the replay and not save it to your computer.


  • The resolution of a video clip is measured in pixels and frames per second (FPS). A movie can be shot at 1080p or 4K, but most cameras can't create both.


  • The live streaming may post the current video to Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube.


  • In the settings, you may change the video quality, recording length, bitrate, and frame rate.


  • It also includes a highlight panel, which may be used to view your most crucial recordings.


  • Users can ask questions and get answers from a large community of other users.