AMD Gaming Evolved App is a pretty cool application that was presented by AMD at the time of the release of R9 and R7 graphics cards. It is an app that allows gamers to record their gameplay with ease, post it on Facebook or Twitter, share it with friends, brag about the best moments in the game they are currently playing. Of course, it is not the only app that does all of these things, but it has some additional features which are worthy to be mentioned.


A total of three modes are available in AMD Gaming Evolved, these are Performance (maximum performance, speed), Balanced (optimal variant), Quality (emphasis on supergraphics). The program is easy to understand, everything is elementary clear.


What's the difference between Gaming Evolved App and Raptr?


The main thing you should know about this application is that its name appeared in most AMD official drivers before it started showing up on Facebook, Twitter, or any other website belonging to AMD. Questions about how to turn off or uninstall AMD Gaming Evolved arose shortly after this term started being associated with NVIDIA users who were trying to record their gameplay via ShadowPlay which eventually led them to unexpected results. So the first two questions people ask are how to turn it off and is there any other way?


How do I uninstall the Gaming Evolved app?


It all starts with opening Device Manager (Right-click on "My Computer" or aka. "Computer" and select Properties -> Device Manager). The next step would be expanding the "AMD Radeon" entry, right-clicking on the desired driver version, and choosing Uninstall. After this operation has been completed you should reboot your PC, check for possible updates available for your graphics card drivers then install them if needed. Go back to devise manager, expand "Display adapters", right-click once again on your display adapter name, and choose Uninstall. Reboot your PC once again, this time checking whether there is any mention of AMD or Gaming Evolved app anywhere and if not the task has been completed.