Wi-Fi 2 is a Wireless Internet service of the future. It was developed by an Aussie who has spent the last two years designing and building it.

The more popular Wi-Fi services today use an unlicensed spectrum, which operates on the principle that no single person should be allowed to own a wireless network, just like public libraries.

However, there are not enough of these open networks to provide the Internet service required for today's sophisticated data needs.

Wi-Fi 2 provides increased security and quality using an unlicensed spectrum and shifting to a private network model.

The formal name of the IEEE 802.11a protocol is WiFi 2. This WiFi Standard is the next in line with IEEE 802.11b (i.e., WiFi 1). This is the first wifi standard to incorporate multi-carrier modulation, which utilizes OFDM instead of single carrier like in wifi-1. Routers and stations that use this WiFi-2 version (APs and clients) operate at a 5 GHz RF carrier frequency.

Wi-Fi 2 uses a multi-carrier modulation technique known as OFDM, which stands for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing. In layman's terms, it just means that multiple signals are transmitted over the same radio channel at different frequencies. 802.11a devices operating in the 5 GHz band use 52 independent carriers spaced from 5 MHz to 100 MHz apart. These "orthogonal" carriers allow much better utilization of the available RF spectrum since there is no interference between adjacent carriers or other transmitters sharing the same airspace.

How Does Wi-Fi 2 Work?

Wi-Fi 2 uses your existing high-speed broadband connection and redistributes the data through a local area cell phone tower (Cell Site). This takes place invisibly. The only visible evidence that you are using Wi-Fi 2 is an icon at the bottom of your web browser with the words, "Wi-Fi 2".

In Australia, it will work with any wireless router and broadband service from Telstra, Optus & Big Pond Cable. In the USA it also works with Verizon Wireless or Sprint PCS.

What Are The Benefits Of Wi-Fi 2?

  • No separate Internet Service Provider account required
  • Fast surfing speeds of up to 1000kbps
  • Increased security provided by a 256bit Encryption key not available to other services

How Much Will Wi-Fi 2 Cost?

Wi-Fi 2 will cost around the same as your current Internet Service Provider charges and comes with a free wireless router.